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What is Deep Tissue Friction Massage for Hands
with Paraffin Wax ?


Friction massage is a special physiotherapy massage of the fingers and hands which is done by working thoroughly at each joint individually, as well as a deep massage of muscles, tendons and ligaments of hands.

This type of treatment is used to relieve pain of various origins in the muscles and joints of the hands. Most often, the cause of the pain in the fingers and hands is rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, gout, carpal tunnel syndrome, poly-osteoarthritis (knotted fingers) and inflammation of the tendons and small muscles around the thumb. The causes of these diseases can be very different – such as hypothermia, metabolism changes, lots of stress, as an effect of continuous professional or household overload of fingers and hands. Most often these diseases and symptoms affect those who does lots of repetitive movements with hands, for example working on computers, sewing machines, pianists, and housewives.

The fact is that tour fingers and thumb have a large number of receptors that send signals to the central nervous system and influence functioning of internal organs. Hardly ever we think of the fact that all the body defense systems as well as the brain are stimulated when we work with hands. As we know that each finger is responsible for a certain organ, it is important to give our hands a good massage which is aimed to improve all body functions and the whole organism wellbeing. For example, stimulation of thumbs improves lung, bronchus and liver function, while forefinger relates to the stomach and the entire digestive system. As middle finger is responsible for circulatory system, its stimulation normalizes blood pressure. Besides, it improves the functioning of the intestines.  Ring finger responds for our nervous system. Its stimulation helps with nervous disorders, stress and a bad mood. Also, little fingers massage helps to get rid of chronic constipation, improves the performance of the small intestine and the heart. In response to the palm muscles deep massage the heart rhythm is restored. Also, it successfully fights fatigue and improves mood.

The so-called deep tissue friction massage begins with the procedure of warming hands up. For this, a patient repeatedly puts his or her hands into hot wax, which then remains on the hands for 15 minutes providing a good warming of underlying tissue. Then the specialist is working at every joint of the fingers and hands as well as at muscles and tendons. Next, a post-isometric relaxation begins which means stretching muscles and ligaments against resistance. The patient should not be passive during the procedure – he or she is straining and relaxing certain muscles in turns, and the doctor does stretching muscles, tendons and joints of the hand at the times of relaxation. The best result a patient achieves if he or she takes a course of treatment which is 6-10 sessions every other day. At this, a positive result has shown in approximately 90% of patients. One session lasts about 40 minutes. To improve the results of treatment in difficult cases, we add acupuncture, as the stimulation of one point by a needle may have a positive impact to several functions and organs of the human body.

Unfortunately, the cold and windy weather combined with high humidity in Greater Toronto Area promotes developing rheumatoid and other inflammatory diseases of hands. As hands play a key role in our lives and functioning of the whole body, then any acute and especially chronic pain greatly reduces the quality of life and even may lead to depression. Therefore, we invite you to Future Healing Center where along with other natural treatments we offer deep tissue friction massage for hands with paraffin wax.

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