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The Benefits of Oxygen Cocktails.

Drinking just 1 oxygen cocktails is equal to 3-hour-walk in a lush forest. The benefits of Oxygen Cocktails, discovered by medical researchers and proven with clinical studies initially in Eastern Europe, are now well recognized worldwide.

Our OxyBoost treatment provides instant positive effect on overall health and increases energy and vitality.

A delicious foamy substance of OxyBoost instantly delivers a huge amount of pure 90% oxygen into the bloodstream. The natural foam agent is added to lock oxygen inside the bubbles.

Being eaten with the spoon, the foam infused with oxygen gets into the digestive tract where it is absorbed right into the bloodstream and lymph system. There the oxygen starts its work about detoxifying and deleting waste substances which the body produces or . The oxygen foam has been shown to improve the metabolism and the blood supply of the cells and brings the balance back to the body.  Watch a video and read more...

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