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TSeashoreWalkinghink of your feelings when you were walking by the sea and feel the energy of the waves crashing on the beach at your feet. You start to breathe freely, your thoughts cleared up, the body becomes in harmony with the Nature. You feel yourself at peace and renewed. These positive reactions were caused by trillions of ionized water molecules  produced by waves running into the ground.  During a walk along the beach your body absorbs millions of negative ions, alkalizing your skin, blood and tissues.

Unfortunately, environmental issues, unhealthy diet and regular stress cause our body accumulate lots of waste products in forms of different acids such as acetic, lactic acid, uric, carbonic, butyric, and also bile acids.
images14DM9HCHGerman biochemist and Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg dedicated his entire life to studying the causes of cancer. He found out that the primary cause of cancer is change in the acidity in the body. This means that the acid-alkaline balance in the body is below normal 7.365. It was observed that at a lower pH (at 6.0) activation and growth of cancer cells starts. In his Nobel Prize speech he made an important statement: Cancerous tissues are acidic, whereas healthy ones are alkaline.

Acidic waste adversely affects the joints, tissue, muscles and all organs of the human body, causing their serious dysfunction.

Ionic cleansing of the body is able to effectively solve this problem. A patient dip their feet in a ионная_ноги_CroppedRoyal Foot Detox bath filled with warm water while the generator (a removable cartridge) produces nearly imperceptible low frequency vibration which creates millions of positive and negative ions and efficiently interacts with the body liquids through the feet. Penetrating the body, these ions bound themselves to oppositely charged toxins,  heavy metals and other harmful substances, thereafter drawing them out of the body through the pores in the feet.

In its turn, the low frequency vibration ensures recovery of your body bioenergy level and promotes the process of getting rid of waste and toxins accumulated for years.

It is believed by reflexologists that each human foot has 2000 pores that are considered kind of outlet through which our body gets rid of heavy metals and other toxic wastes accumulated in body’s different parts. Also, there are 72,000 nerve endings there in each food that are connected to all our organs and systems. Stimulation of those nerve endings by


During 30-minute treatment and afterwards you will feel welcoming lightness in the body, a surge of strength and a marked improvement in overall health.



What Ion Detox helps out with:

  • eliminates unpleasant body odors • considerably activates the function of the reproductive system • helps to eliminate cellulite • promotes general rejuvenation of all body systems • normalizes the bowel function • relieves mental fatigue • fights various tumors • boosts immunity
  • eliminates lymph stagnation and puffiness • improves sleep so that in the morning you feel fresh, relaxed and full of energy • improves blood circulation, reduces blood cholesterol levels • relax spastic muscles, relieves spasms of internal organs • alleviates allergic and psoriatic manifestations • with the first treatment reduced blood sugar levels by several units • effective for pain in menstrual period • normalizes blood pressure, increases the vitality of the myocardium • effective in herpes, hepatitis, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis • helps dissolve kidney stones and gall bladder • improves the complexion, the skin becomes soft and silky • increases bio-energy • reduces irritability and eliminates fatigue • helps out with headaches • reduces inflammation in the joints

It needs 10-14 sessions for the substantial result, ideally – every other day.

It some cases (after chemotherapy, heavy chronic conditions etc) next set of treatments is recommended in 1 month.

5+ treatments will cost $45 each, while 1 introductory 30 min session – $60


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